Roaming Support Engineer Contract

The Roaming Engineer will assign for frequency visits for established based on duration of daily operation and work week, will monitor the operation of the systems in location , maintaining and troubleshooting the client environment and network. This is a Half-time position and may require 3-4 hours work hours on-call; Roaming support Engineer Contract may require the following:

  • Repair of any technical defects for free of cost (For Listed Equipment only).
  • Purchasing of systems, upgrade and accessories etc. on Dealer prices.
  • Checking all client environment and Network Server’s for Viruses by running Anti-Virus programs to keep the environment at peak performance.
  • Making regular check up of environment to keep it dust free, un necessary programs and files, from the storage.
  • Installation, Configuration of End User software’s, and customizing accordingly (Operation System –Anti virus – office application).
  • Maintaining the company server by updating the Network Operating System by internet, Installation of different security patch’s recommended by Microsoft.
  • Maintaining the Backup of the server periodically in-order to maintain the business records safe.
  • Maintaining the Antivirus Program by updating the Virus Definition Files, configure to protect the server from unwanted hackers and virus attacks on your network.
  • Troubleshooting the Network Switch, Printers and other computer accessories.
  • Support End-User by solving their problems and keeping their network up to date by upgrading the Operating Systems and Antivirus.
  • Making Image from the entire Desktop. Incase of any disaster with the user machine, we will Re-build in no time.