Networking Services

LAN & WAN Infrastructure

From initial consultation, through to installation and support, INS can provide a building block of LAN & WAN infrastructure services designed as per Customer needs.

This can include maintenance, upgrades, and system redesign, in line with the Customer ICT strategy. Typically, this comprises the following:

  • Data cabling, including CAT6E, CAT 7 , Fiber
  • Ethernet connectivity comprising high speed fibre; single and multimode
  • Comms cabinets
  • Wireless LAN
  • Building to building connectivity; wireless bridges
  • Switches and routers
  • Firewalls

We are experts in the installation and support of such systems and would be pleased to discuss any specific requirements.

Datacenter Infrastructure

Your data center is the most critical resource within your organization. As you know, it provides the means for all storage, management and dissemination of data, applications and communications for your business. When employees and customers are unable to access the servers, storage systems and networking devices that reside in the data center, your entire organization can shut down. Faced with these consequences, IT executives today must optimize their data centers, particularly the network infrastructure. When you consider that 70 percent of network downtime can be attributed to physical layer problems, specifically cabling faults, it’s paramount that more consideration be given to infrastructure design. With diminishing budgets, organizations are looking at innovative solutions to consolidate data center infrastructure to reduce operational cost.

INS supports organizations through identifying low risk approaches for consolidating Data Center infrastructure resources without sacrificing network performance, security or control. The use of technologies coupled with proven architectural methodologies enable INS to deliver infrastructures with high availability, scalability and performance guarantees for mission critical applications.

Structured Cabling

Indoor Outdoor Networking Design and deployment with Full scale structured cabling solutions for both UTP & FTP using CAT6, CAT6A, CAT 7, and Optical Fiber, Wireless, active & passive installations with appropriate termination and testing. for High Speed LANs compatible for current and future needs, such as: Graphics; multi-media; video conferencing; high-end business applications, etc.

• Cable Channeling For Industrial Environment
• Cable Channeling For Telecom Environment

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