Cabling Installation

Ideal Network Solutions INS ‘s Engineering, Furnishing, Installation and Test (EFI&T) professionals ensure the highest quality network deployments in the shortest possible timeframes. Our EFI&T teams have accomplished large-scale intelligent optical switching deployments with rapid installation and service activation all over the world.

Comprehensive EFI&T services range from initial consultation to final documentation. Ideal Network Solutions INS’s EFI&T service professionals handle engineering and site surveys, logistics, and project management through network installation, test, commissioning and turn-up. Their detailed project planning and continuous execution minimizes deployment lead times and eases new technology integration for our customers.

Ideal Network Solutions INS offers customers an unbeatable combination of service strengths, and a proven methodology for delivering repeatable network deployment services. Under the guidance of dedicated Project Managers and Field Engineers, our installation and commissioning teams utilize experienced service logistics support to keep every deployment on track and within budget.