Hardware Solutions

Network Devices

We provide the best Wired & Wireless Networking Devices from major international Vendors as per customer needs.

Server Solutions

INS is one of the Growing Resellers in KSA for Servers from major vendors available in the market. Our on-site experts will deploy and configure your hardware and install vendor-agnostic network operating systems (NOSs) as per customer request and design.

Storage Solutions

The storage requirements for most enterprises have grown increasingly complex as the amount of stored data and the numbers of individual database applications have grown. To reduce this complexity, enterprises are increasingly relying on storage solutions to help consolidate storage for their database environments. INS through its partnership with major vendors in storage solutions offers a full suite of hardware and software solutions and a unified storage architecture that allows a single storage platform to meet the storage needs of existing applications whether they require direct-attached, SAN, or NAS storage. Our solutions provide high availability, performance, scalability, and ease-of-use for lower total cost of ownership and improved return on investment. A variety of accompanying software solutions are designed to meet the critical needs that most database users have for data protection, rapid data recovery, and disaster recovery.

Security Solutions

The enterprise network often provides employees with a connection to the Internet from the corporate headquarters campus. To protect these employees and infrastructure INS provide perimeter Security solution such as firewalls and intrusion-detection systems (IDSs) which are generally deployed to prevent malicious intrusion of unauthorized persons. It is highly recommended that firewalls be implemented at every site within an enterprise to secure internal and external traffic.

An IDS monitors the network to identify unauthorized users or suspicious patterns of utilization. INS partners with best-of-breed companies to offer specialty solutions for intrusion-detection.

INS provides Security Solutions that will provide benefits as
Inspection firewall , Anomaly-based intrusion detection ,URL-based content filtering , Award-winning antivirus , Anti-SPAM technology.

In some cases, it is appropriate to integrate this functionality with secure IP services gateways used also for remote office and remote access IP-VPNs.

IPsec-compliant virtual private networking (VPN) technology with hardware-assisted high-speed encryption.

CCTV solutions

A large proportion of a physical security solution continues to be the Video Surveillance Solution. The edge devices in the form of analog IP, wireless CCTV cameras are image capturing devices that form the back-bone of surveillance systems.

INS offers a widest range of analog CCTVs, IP CCTVs, NVRs, DVRs and other products to suit your requirement. Once the system is in place, the stream of signal produced by cameras is processed using Video Analytics Software that runs on high performance servers located at the Central Command & Control Center. This facilitates automatic real-time detection of threats, raising alarms and activating designated response mechanisms to neutralize threats.

INS provides the following essential components of the Video Surveillance System:

CCTV Cameras
DVR (Analog) / NVR (IP)
Control, Command & Monitoring Station