Projects Reference

Ministry of defense (MODA) – “Under the supervision of Intergraph”
Our teams build the cabling infrastructure for MODA where Intergraph will carry on in phase two of the project for the active components installation.

King Abdullah Economic City - “Under the supervision of Baud Telecommunication”
Installation, integration and support during an event sponsored by H.H King Abdullah AL Saud; the project was very challenging due to the location (King Abdullah Economic City) and the very short period of time to complete the project but our team managed to complete it before deadline; the event hosted the Ex president of Iran, Ex prime ministers of Canada, Germany, Japan and many others.
The scope of work included building a Cisco LAN network (Wired & Wireless) & IP telephony system for two buildings seven floors each

Alsalam Aircraft Co. Secure Clean Access Network Admission Control (CANAC) installation. CANAC is one of the latest security technology which will offer the IT department to force it’s client to comply with AAC security policy.
The scope of work included installation and integration of CANAC appliance for over 500 hosts including AAC Head Office and branches; all wired and wireless host has to comply with the CANAC policy

Alsalam Aircraft Co. branches LAN upgrade, WAN MPLS connectivity, and Application acceleration The project requirement was to connect AAC branches at RSAF Air force bases to HO in King Khaled Al Saud Airport in Riyadh, secure and accelerate communication between branches and HO in a Hub and Spoke communication where services will be centralized at HO.
The branch that has been completed are Jeddah, Al Kharj, and Dahran; the design was thought to be scalable for future branches to be added.

Hamd Al-Essa Electronic branches LAN upgrade and MPLS connectivity with HO
The project requirement was to upgrade the LAN for 11 branches within the kingdom and migrate the branch connectivity from frame relay to MPLS

The Qassim Cement Wireless LAN upgrade.
The project requirement was to build 11 wireless connectivity with HO where the distance ranged between 500 meter and over 3 KM

Projects Ref.

Ministry of Information in Oman (MOI)
Design of broadcast and corporate network for OMAN TV HDTV tender, teaming with SONY UK, AVID UK, ASI UK and VCS Germany; a project total value of 100,000,000 $; the design included a LAN, WLAN infrastrucuture uding CAT7 cabling and 10 Gbps uplinks with high availabilty, also a hybrid telephone system with support for over than 500 phones.

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC)
Emaar smart city will host an event during the month of September promoting for King Abdullah Economic City where our team will build the LAN, WLAN and IP telephony system as per the requirement and will offer support during the event.

Mobily WIFI project Makkah
Installing Wifi Public internet for Hajj 2012 ( more than 1650 Our Door access points ) on tenet , Light Pool and microcell towers.

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VIVA Bahrain
Solutions for Overhead Fiber ,CAT 6 and power cable runner in Tubli and Hoora VIVA data center and free 30-35% space in the expanding data center location.

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